So for the few of you who follow this blog, you may know that I am involved with a radio show / podcast called Gradcast. It was and still is a great project to be involved with and I am still excited for every interview we do. Because I am also the producer, I am involved with every episode intimately. If I am not behind the desk in the radio station, I'm editing the podcasts.

Recently, these skills have opened new opportunities. Today is the launch of a new podcast I did the interviews and edited for a social media campaign the city is organizing. Working with the city means that I wanted to provide a higher level of editing quality for the shows, which I then can bring back to Gradcast.

Editing is a tricky art, and guests with different verbal quirks makes editing a really fun job I want to delve more into. On top of Gradcast, after this 4 week campaign I will be putting together another podcast project that I will definitely be sharing with you guys in the near future. Stay tuned!

Click here for the first episode.