So my project du jour is attempting to make a public history display for my Digital History Course, and I am thinking that Mathematica might not be the place to do it.

I am trying to make a game based on the popular summer hit Her Story, which is basically playing a search engine. I am trying to find a way to build a search engine that looks through about 70 txt files, and when you search for a particular word, returns only the 5 most relevant results. Currently, Mathematica has some of that stuff all together, but the limitations have been a real pickle. It seems noone is interested in LESS results.

My next move is to try out a google custom search, upload the sources to webpages, and use that. It returns a limit of 10 results which is a start, but I feel like I should go farther. There is some code tweaking, but its all in Java script so I will need to learn enough to do this. I feel like I am missing something though because as a concept its such a simple thing, but finding the platform to do it is really rough.