Hello everyone,

I wanted to give you guys just a little taste of the work i want to do for my project. I am currently trying to master the programming language Mathematica, and I am going to try to make a historical game as my class project. The game will be inspired by the PC game Her Story that came out this summer, and have players reconstruct the story of the Salem Witch Trials.

Her Story is a game where the player attempts to solve a crime by searching through a database in the game interface. They can search through a catalogue of short videos, all a single interrogation of a woman. There is a catch however! The search only returns 5 results, so players need to find clues, and keywords in order to unlock more videos. The result is solving a historical mystery in a non-linear, personal puzzle, much like the work historians do in archives.

The Salem Witch Trials are a fragmented, and hard to fully comprehend story that is still interesting, spooky, and compelling for kids to explore. The database, the sources, the programming, the art, possibly made in the way I make my videos, will all be part of the experience. 

PS: I also made a new video on my own channel if you wanted to look