Hello Internet,

I do have to say I am always impressed by the effort that people are putting in to the development of new ways to do things in our discipline. Especially because we've been so stagnant for so long. I think there are even growing pains associated with it.

At the sustainable archaeology archive we saw this a little. The place is really well staffed, and has some pretty cool people behind the scenes. I found myself pretty impressed with their 3d printing, their sensitivity in policy to native artifacts, and their embrace of the new.

Where things piqued my interest was in the multiple generations of 3d scanners, devices people weren't sure of the use for yet, and projects rendered incompatible within a few years. I think that Moore's law and the things we think of doing are going to make the field more and more uncomfortable, and I don't have a real solution to use budgets and learn technologies when they are getting obsolete on exponentially increasing scales. I think we might need to do some more in terms of automation and recycling before things get weird.

Just a thought.