The Deposition of Ann putnam: who testifieth and saith that on
20'th of April 1692 :at evening she saw the Apperishtion of a Minister
at which she was greviously affrighted and cried out oh dreadfull: 
dreadfull here is a minister com:what are Ministers wicthes to: whence
com you and What is your name for I will complaine of:you tho you
be A minister: if you be a wizzard; and Immediatly I was tortored
by him being Racked and all most choaked by him: and he tempted
me to write in his book which I Refused with loud out cries and said
I would not writ in his book tho he tore me al to peaces but tould
him that it was a dreadfull thing: that he which was a Minister that
should teach children to feare G od should com to perswad poor
creatures to give their souls to the divill: oh. dreadfull tell me your
name that I may know who you are: then againe he tortored me
& urged me to writ in his book: which I Refused: and then presently
he tould me that his name was George Burroughs and that he had
had three wives: and that he had bewitched the Two first of them to
death: and that he kiled Mist. Lawson because she was so unwilling
to goe from the village and also killed Mr Lawsons child because he
went to the eastward with Sir Edmon and preached soe; to the
souldiers and that he had bewicthed a grate many souldiers to death
at the eastword, when Sir Edmon was their. and that he had made
Abigail Hobbs a wicth and: severall wicthes more: and he has con- 
tinewed ever sence; by times tempting me to write in his book and
greviously tortoring me by beating pinching and almost choaking me
severall times a day and he also tould me that he was above wicth
for he was a cunjurer
Jurat in Curia
(Reverse) Ann putnam ag'st Burroughs