The deposistion of Ann putnam who testifieth and saith that on
the 5'th of may 1692 at evening I saw the apperishtion of Mr George Burroughs who greviously tortored me and urged me to writ in his
book which I refused then he tould me that his Two firs t wives
would appeare to me presently and tell me a grat many lyes but I
should not beleve them:then immediatly appeared to me the forme
of Two women in winding sheats and napkins about their heads: att
which I was gratly affrighted: a
gance against him: and also tould him that they should be cloathed
with white Robes in heaven, when he should be cast into hell: and
immediatly he vanished away: and as soon as he was gon the Two
women turned their faces towards me and looked as pail as a white
wall: and tould me that they ware mr Burroughs Two first wives
and that he had murthered them: and one tould me that she was his
first wife and he stabed hir under the left Arme and put a peace of
sealing wax on the wound and she pulled aside the winding sheat
and shewed me the place and also tould me that she was in the house
Mr parish now lives w'n it was don, and the other tould me that Mr Burrough and that wife which he hath now kiled hir in the vessell
as she was coming to se hir friends because they would have one
another: and they both charged me that I should tell these things
to the Magestraits before Mr Burroughs face and if he did not own
them they did not know but that they should appere their: thes
morning also Mis Lawson and hir daughter Ann appeared to me
whom I knew: and tould me that Mr Burroughs murthered them: 
this morning also appeared to me another woman in a winding sheat
and tould me that she was goodman fullers first wife and Mr Bur- roughs kiled hir because there was sum differance between hir hus- 
band and him: also on the 9'th may dureing the time of his ex- 
amination he did most greviously torment and afflect Mary Walcott
mercy lewes Eliz Hubburd and Abigail williams by pinching prick'g
and choaking them Jurat in Curia
(Reverse) Ann putnam Cont Geo Burroughs Death of his wife
& Lawson's Childe