The deposistion of Ann putnam who testifieth and saith that ever
sence the begining of May 1692 I have ben afflected by a woman
which tould me hir name was Mis Bradbery and that she came from
Salisbury, but on the 2'th day of July 1692 being the. day of the Ex- 
amination of Mis Mary Bradbery I then saw that she was the very
same woman that tould me hir name was Mis Bradbery and she most
greviously afflect and [and] torment me dureing the time of hir
Examination for if she did but look upon me she would strick me
down or almost choak me also on the day of hir Examination I saw
mis. Bradbery most greviously afflet and torment Mary Walcott. 
Sarah Vibber and Eliz. Hubburd and I beleve in my hart that Mis Bradbery is a wicth & that she has often affleted me and severall
others by hir acts of wicthcraft: also there Appered to me my uncle
Jno Carr in a winding sheet: whom I very well knew in his life time: 
and he tould me that mis Bradbery had murthered him and that his
blood did Crie for venjance against her: also mis Bradbery or hir
Apperance tould me that it was she that made my fathers sheep to
run a
[torn] they were all lost: and that she had killed my fathers
[torn] and also kiled that horse he took such delight in An: Put- 
nam affirmed to the Jury of inquest: to the truth of the above writ- 
ten evidence on oath Sept'r 9: 1692