[The d] eposition of Ann putnam who testifieth and saith that
I being at [A]ndevour on the 26 day of July 1692 I saw there Mis Mary [Brad]bery the wife of Capt Tho: Bradbery of Salisbury or
hir [App]erance most grevious afflecting and tormenting of Timothy Swan of Andevor allmost Redy to kill him also severall times before
and sence that time I have seen mist. Bradbery or hir Apperance
most greviously afflecting Timothy Swan and I beleve that Mis Brad- bery is a most dreadfull wicth for sence she has been in prison she
or hir Apperance has com to me and most greviously afflected me
ann putnam ownid before the grand Inquest this har evidens to be
the truth one the oath that she hath taken: this: 8 day of September
(Reverse) Anna putnam