The deposistion of Ann putnam who testifieth and [saith] that I
have a long time seen gooddy Buckly amongsts the wicthes but she
did not doe me much hurt tell the 23'th of Aprill 1692 and then she
fell upon me most greviously #[to writ in hir book] almost redy to
kill me urging me vehemently to writ in hir book: also on the 18'th may 1692 Sarah Buckly or hir Apperan [c]e did most greviously
to[r]ment me dureing the time of her Examina[tbar ][ibar ] for if she did but
look upon she would strick me down or allmost choak me: also on
the day of hir Examination I saw Sarah Buckly or her Apperan[c]e
most greviously afflect and torment Mary Walcott mercy lewes Abi- gail williams and Mary warren: and I beleve in my heart that Sarah Buckly is a wicth and that she has often afflected me and the affore- 
said parsons by acts of wicthcraft.
The above s'd Deponant Ann Putnam acknowledged before the
Grand inquest the truth of the above Evedence Upon her Oath this
15 of septe[mbar ] . 1692