The Answer of Mary Bradbury in the charge of Witchcraft or
familliarity with the Divell I doe plead not guilty.
I am wholly inocent of any such wickedness through the goodness
of god that have kept mee hitherto) I am the servant of Jesus Christ
& Have given my self up to him as my only lord & saviour: and to
the dilligent attendance upon him in all his holy ordinances, in
utter contempt & defiance of the divell, and all his works as horid
& detestible; and accordingly have endevo'red to frame my life; 
& conversation according to the rules of his holy word, & in that faith
& practise resolve by the help and assistance of god to contineu to
my lifes end:
for the truth of what I say as to matter of practiss I humbly
refer my self, #[my selfe,] to my brethren & neighbors that know
mee and unto the searcher of all hearts for the truth & upright- 
ness of my heart therein: (human frailties, & unavoydable infirmi- 
ties excepted) of which i bitterly complayne every day:/
Mary Bradbury