July 22'd 1692
Concerning m's Bradburies life & conversation
Wee the Subscribers doe testifie; that it was such as became the
gospel shee was a lover of the ministrie in all appearance & a dilligent, 
attender upon gods holy ordinances, being of a curteous, & peace- 
able disposition & cariag: neither did any of us (some of whom have
lived in the town w'th her above fifty yeare) ever heare or know that
shee ever had any difference or falling oute w'th any of her neigh- 
bors man woman or childe-but was allways, readie & willing to doe
for them w't laye in her power night & day, though w'th hazard of
her health: or other danger: more might be spoken in her co[mbar ][ebar ][nbar ]da[cbar ]on
but this for the [pbar ]r'sent
Martha Pike
Sam'l Easman
William Buswell
Mary French his wyfe
Sarah Buswell
Abigayl French
Samuell Felloes sen'r
John Allin
Rodger Easman
Mary Allin
Sarah Easman
William Carr
Joseph Fletcher &
Elizabeth Carr
his wyfe
Sam'll Colby
Joseph French
Samuell French & his wyfe
John French sen'r
Henry Ambros & his wyfe
Nathanel Stevens & his
Philip Grele and his wyfe
Richard Hubbard
Ephraim Severans
Martha [?] Hubbard his wyfe
Lidia Severans
Daniell Moody
Sam'll Felloes jun'r
Elizabeth Moody
Abigail Felloes
Isaac Morrill
Phoeboe Morrill
John Clough & his wyfe
Elizabeth Easman
John Maxfeild
Joseph Eaton
Jarves Ring
Mary Eaton his wife
Hannah Ring
Robert Downer
Nathanel Whitter
Sarah Downer
Mary Whitther
Richard Long & his
Jacob Morrill
Susannah Morrill .
Richard Smith & his wyfe
Elizabeth Maxfeild
Joseph True , & his wyfe
Hanah Stevens widdow
Andrew Greley & his
John Stevens
Dorethie Stevens
William Hooke
Joanna Stevens
Elizabeth Hooke
Sarah Hacket
Benjamin Allin and Rachel
Marthe Carter
his wyfe
Elizabeth Gettchell
Benj Allin and Rachell
Benj: Eastmen
his wyfe
Ann Easman
Isaac Buswell , & his
Benony Tucker
Ebenezer Tucker
William Allin
Nathanel Brown
Ephraim Eaton
Hannah Brown
Ephraim Winsley
Tho: Evens
Mary Winsley his wyfe
Hannah Evens
Nathaniel Eastman
Abraham Brown & his wyfe
Elizabeth Easman
Tho. Clough & his wyfe
John Eastman &
Sarah Conner widow
Mary Eastman his wife
John Tomson
Sarah Shepherd
John Watson & his wyfe
Willi: Osgood
Steven Tongue & his wyfe
Abigayl osgood
John Connor & his wyfe
Susanah Severance
Joseph Page
Onesiphris Page & his
Meres Tucker & his wyfe
Henry Brown Sen'r &
Sam'll Bill & his wyfe
his wyfe